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Gain performance insights and optimize your strategy with advanced analytics and competitive benchmarking.

What can you do with WeAnalyze

WeAnalyze is a social media analytics and benchmarking tool SMO that evaluates statistics across social media platforms and compares them with those of your competitors. The purpose is to help you optimize your digital strategy. WeAnalyze Puts under the microscope more than 1,0000 Middle East & Africa accounts from all sectors to either deliver sectoral benchmarks to customers or provide global studies on the performance of digital activities in Middle East & Africa.


Understand what’s working and what’s not so you can improve your social strategy.


Eliminate the tedium of manually reporting, easily report on your social KPIs, and save time.


Discover inspiration, find concept evidence and explore whitespaces for your brand’s content.

Competitive Intelligence

See what your competition is doing and learn from their successes, innovations and mistakes.

Social Media Monitoring

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Advanced analytics

Keep your content custom. Measure your social media reach and engagement to identify top performing content. Pinpoint the best times to post to better schedule your content and learn about your audience demographics for each social network.

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Perspicacious industry benchmarks

WeAnalyze offers you the possibility to stay one step ahead: Observe your competitors' KPIs in Middle East & Africa or abroad, see what strategies and tactics work best and capitalize on these results to get you ahead of your competitors

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Social Media Benchmark
Social Media Reporting

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WeAnalyze generates your performance reports in Excel and Powerpoint, customizable and downloadable from the platform. These reports can be sent directly to the customer, saving the Social Media team a lot of time.

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